Examine This Report on BARRETT REC10 CARBINE .308 WIN

Examine This Report on BARRETT REC10 CARBINE .308 WIN

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The Barrett REC10 Carbine in .308 Winchester is a high-quality, semi-automatic rifle designed for both durability and precision. It features a 16-inch or 20-inch barrel, a direct impingement operating system, and a twist rate of 1:10 inches. The rifle's overall lengths are 34.5 inches for the 16-inch barrel and 41.5 inches for the 20-inch barrel, with weights of 9.0 lbs and 11.1 lbs respectively

The REC10 is known for its reliability and accuracy, partly due to its precision-machined billet upper and lower receivers and its DLC-coated bolt carrier group. The rifle is also equipped with a Barrett high-precision barrel and a Magpul MOE SL stock, enhancing its robustness and handling. The M-LOK handguard system allows for versatile accessory mounting

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Barrett's attention to detail in the REC10's design, such as the intermediate gas system, contributes to reduced recoil and improved shooting comfort. This feature makes it suitable for extended use without sacrificing accuracy. The rifle has an MSRP of around $2,659, reflecting its elite status in the AR-10 market

Overall, the Barrett REC10 Carbine is a reliable and high-performance firearm, ideal for both tactical applications and enthusiasts seeking a top-tier AR-platform rifle.

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